Hey, I'm Kaustav Mukhopadhyay, a final year CS undergrad at KIIT DU, Bhubaneswar. My passion lies in backend development, primarily with NodeJS and architecting scalable, robust and highly available systems. I use ReactJS for crafting captivating user experiences.

I have also been delving into the world of DevOps and System Design, and I'm currently learning Kubernetes and Docker. I'm also a huge fan of Golang and I'm currently learning the language. I also enjoy reading Alex Wu's blog posts on system design. I've built projects like a Notification Service (opens in a new tab) and a URL Shortener (opens in a new tab), among others. Recently I delved into the world of analytics pipelines, so I built an ETL pipeline (opens in a new tab).

I would call myself an amateur cinephile during my leisure time. I also find joy in reading books, and I've delved into a considerable collection of Murakami's literary works.


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